Affiliations and Accreditations

SAMSKARA has partnered with many National and International NGO's like NORD, Patient Crossroads, Disabilty Foundation BLN Charitable Trust, ParavasthuCreatives, National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, Research Advocacy Network ,Organization for Rare diseases in India ,Duchene connect, Treat-NMD, Ability Path, Guarding Minds @ Work, Child Mind Institute, Global Health Trials, International Society of Hypertension, Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO, PRIM&R, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, Hyderabad Chapter, Cervical Cancer Action (PATH).


  • (Rdgi) Rare Disease Group India, Telangana
  • Breath Free Centre, Telangana
  • Cervical Cancer Action, Telangana
  • Global Health Trails , Telangana
  • Society Of Physician Enterpreneurs, Telangana